Give Your Home an immediate “Renovation”
Your home should change with your families growing needs Instead of moving to a new location. Adding onto your existing home just might be the answer and the most cost effective with adding value to your home. Building Design Construction has long been recognized as leader in the construction and designs of room addition to home make-over.

Whether you just want to “freshen up” the look of your house, change colors or your home is in hopeless need of a major paint or re-stucco when it comes to painting your house preparation is the single secret of great painting and stucco work. We will prep, prep and prep then paint all surfaces. This is the only way to ensure a lasting paint job.

Is your stucco loose, cracked, 15 yrs old or faded? This might be the perfect time to re-stucco your home and install new windows or doors. Our professional project manager will review the deterioration and damage of your home’s stucco and provide you with an informative and educated advice. Once you have the information you can choose the best solution to transform the exterior or interior of your house to the stunning and beautiful look you desire.
Should I consider building my own kitchen or home as a homeowner?
Never! Even experts come across challenges or problems that occur during home construction. Years of experience, knowledge, and training lead to wise solutions which give high quality finishes and end result.

At Building Design Construction we can offer efficient buying power, realistic construction time lines, and coordination with all crews, so that you have minimal hassles, headaches and no cost overruns, unless you have changes that effect the price.

Be assured that appliances and material suppliers work and contractors will charge you more for the actual value of the work many trades and workers need to coordinate key internal and visual items.
What if I have a small or difficult home or yard to work with?
Good builders with 20years experience like Building Design Construction can construct the front of your home to make it look larger on any shape and sizes. Our expert design and architects can assist and will handle the most challenging properties. You will be surprised and pleased with our innovative ideas that change your dreams into realities. Give us a call for advice before you give up on that small bathroom or home renovation problem area. “IT”S FREE”